Company profile

We operate as a commodity trader within Europe as well as internationally. Our major focus is in petroleum products: Diesel Fuel (in various grades - with various sulphur contents), Mazout, different aviation fuels, etc. and in crude oil (light blends from Western Africa as well as heavy blend from South America).

We have been and also are dealing with other products - grains, rubber and several other commodities when there is a specific request from our long-lasting customers and availability from renowned suppliers.

We operate as many other international trading companies linking several growing markets with an intention to grow in existing and emerging markets. Sensitivity to product quality and careful checking of the product source help us to guarantee that all our suppliers and/or buyers are genuine and offered commodities fulfill the highest world standards. Close cooperation with several multinational business partners gives us the possibility to deliver excellent goods and so satisfy customer’s needs. Logistical flexibility and opportunity to leverage efficiencies in the supply chain make us to commodity specialists with competitive prices. Our standard transaction procedures are to the highest international standards. Our transactions are either supply driven or customer driven. We are not traders speculating with the commodities – buying and selling them on our own account. We execute all the transactions as per the customers’ needs that may include participation in the tenders, but always with customer’s consent.

Overall general terms, conditions and information:

  • Delivery Period: We usually engage in long term contracts lasting at least one year. For pricing we apply PLATTS (which PLATTS depends on the product as well as destination of the product) as our reference for petroleum products. 
For other products, all depend on the country of production, destination, etc.
  • Delivery Method: We usually deliver either on CIF (in most cases) or on FOB basis. This depends on the product, customer, destination as well as payment method and type of product. We have our own logistics team able to handle all logistic issues.
  • Payment Terms & Credit. We normally apply Letters of Credit, sometimes bank guarantees and other forms of payment may be agreed. All the deals we have done were paid by the customers in the form of Letters of Credit and bank guarantees. We deal thru major international banks located in Europe as well as Asia.
  • Team: We employ multinational experienced and dedicated team of operating managers from Italy, France, Switzerland, Slovakia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, Nigeria, UK, UAE, Iraq, Vietnam and Australia. In some transactions we have also acted as agents.